Traditionally Austrian

Austrian Classics

"Wiener Schnitzel" - Viennese escalope, pork or chicken, with parsley potatos, cranberries and small mixed salad€14,30/14,60
Beef Gulasch  with bread dumpling and pickle€ 14,30
small€ 12,80
Ragout of lungs and heart with bread dumpling€ 11,90
small€ 10,40
Bratwurst with roast potatos and sauerkraut€ 13,20
Braised beef with onion sauce, croquettes and beans with bacon€ 16,40
Minced meat patties with mashed potatos 
and roast onion
€ 12,50
Roast potatos and meat, served in a pan, with fried egg and cabbage salad€ 12,30
Grilled regional fish fillet with potatos and green beans€ 17,80


Spinach dumplings with browned butter, cheese
and grilled vegetables
€ 11,50
small€ 9,00
Tomato risotto with feta cheese€ 12,80
Roast slices of dumpling with egg and small salad€ 10,80
Potato-cheese fritters with herbs sour cream and salad€ 11,20
Handmade pumpkin-ravioli with browned butter and cheese€ 13,40
Cheese spaetzle with roast onions and small mixed salad€ 11,70
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