The Zwettler's History

1516 our house was built

1775 the house was bought by a clockmaker

1839 the house is owned by a shoemaker

1863 after a few changes in the ownership we find first reports of a restaurant at our adress

1926 Paul and Maria Kreiseder buy the house and name their restaurant "Kreiseders Bierstübl"

1944 the house was bombed. During the next decades it was hardly renovated. The house was regarded as a very dangerous structure

1979 we have first chronicles of the "Zwettler's Stiftskeller"

1981 the house is mentioned in some newspapers as one of the last ruines of World War 2. The outside front was renovated, but the inner structure is still dangerous

1985 the whole house is finally renovated and gets it's present form as a restaurant and residential building

2011 the new "Zwettler's" is opened and makes the history complete!