The Zwettler's Crew

Klaus Hohensinn, Mr. Boss

Klaus is in the gastronomy business since the age of 15. He has always had the dream of his own restaurant which he is now able to fullfill with the "Zwettler's". His activities are very flexible, he is cook, waiter, caretaker, entertainer, psychologist - he can do everything! 

Sophie Hohensinn, Mrs. Boss

Since the birth of little George, Sophie is not seen that much anymore. She is now more active behind the scenes. Her kingdom is the Zwettler's office, where she is e-mailing, typewriting, accounting and everything else that Klaus is not able to do!

Georg, Junior Boss

Little George is not yet interested in working at Mummy's and Daddy's restaurant. He has more fun playing with his crew and his guests - a very sociable little man!


Franziska, Junior Boss

Our baby Franziska was born on October 7th 2014. Since her birth she's helping Mummy in the office. In case she gets bored there she likes to sit at the bar with her friends and guests and enjoys watching her staff while they are working. 

Phil, chef

Phil is part of our crew since September 2014 and we're very happy with him!!! Phil is a really nice person, you can also call him "Mother Theresa of the kitchen". There is no wish he wouldn't fulfill and it's impossible to make him angry!

Raju, cook

Raju was already here for a few months during 2015 and finally came back in September 2016. We are so happy about the reunion, because he contributes to the daily success not only by his fabulous work, also by his nice and helpful character!

Glenn, Cook trainee

Glenn is part of our crew since September 2013 and is one of our fabolous trainees. He is very interested in his job and he's very hard working to learn everything as fast as possible. Glenn's strength are the little details. Whenever there is something filigrane - it's Glenn's Job!

Mohammad, cook's mate

Mohammad started here in May 2015. He is the quickest person you can imagine. From one moment to another is at the other side of the kitchen and nobody can explain how he got there so fast. He always has a smile on his face, even though his job isn't always that easy!

Markus, cook trainee

Markus came here in 2017 when he was already in his 2nd year of training. He is very dedicated and loyal. This is something not self-evident and we really appreciate that!

Vinzent, cook trainee

Vinzent started his career in summer 2015, first only for the summer time. But in fall 2015 he decided to start a fix job here and we are really happy about his decision! Vinzent is a real talent in the kitchen! And over all he is a really fun loving person and joking all the time!

Nihad, cook trainee

Nihad started here in spring 2016. His enthusiasm is nearly unstoppable, that's why he soon became the master of desserts! He is a really funny person, always laughing and joking, and of course cooking!

Milan, cook's mate

Milan is a Zwettler's family member since December 2011. He is the senior of our kitchen crew. He is a very nice and helpful person, who always takes care especially of his young collegues. We hope that he will be here until his retirement!

Mohammad, dishwasher

Mohammad started here in February 2016. He is not only responsible to clean the plates, he's actually everywhere! And over all that he is also very nice, friendly and helpful. That's why we are very happy to have him here!


Ali, dishwasher

Ali is here since August 2016. He started right into the festival season, which is really not easy to do, but he made a fabulous job. Hats off!!!


Samiq, dishwasher

Samiq is our most recent crew member. He started in September 2016. Samiq is a really nice, polite and helpful person, always in a good mood and with a smile on his face!

Peter, All-rounder

Peter is working here since May 2013. That was the best thing that could ever happen to us! He is amazing!!! E can do everything - drilling, installing or just entertaining! If you don't send him home, he would work the whole night! Another very special talent of Peter is dancing. He is already famous here for his skills!

Steffi, Waitress

Beside her talent as a singer she is our lady with the most different haircuts. Every week she surprises us with a new look. Her mode of operation is "quick and everywhere". 

Judith, waitress

Judith came here in August 2015 - directly into the high season. Judith successfully completed her training in Wagrain, a skiing region in Salzburg and finally ended in the city center. We are happy to have her here, because she's a really nice and sympathetic person!

Kristof, waiter

Kristof is here since October 2016, and we hope to have him here for a long time! He is not only very sympathetic and nice, he is also as firm as a rock. Nothing and nobody could ever disconcer him. And over all that he is also a very fun loving person who, always in a good mood and with a smile on his face!

Silvia, waitress

Silvia is part of the Zwettler's-family since August 2015. She is always smiling, laughing and never in a bad mood. That's what makes her so sympathetic. She is also a really sporty person. Her favourite hobby is of course skiing, what else...

Linda, waitress

Linda is still going to tourism school. She spends her holidays working. That makes us very happy, because she helps us a lot. And she is a really funny person, always joking and in a good mood. 

Sarah, trainee

Sarah is crew member since August 2015. She was literally thrown into the hectic festival season, which isn't a very easy time to start. But she aced that! Also in training school she is very successful. Congratulations Sarah!

Maria, Waitress

Our Maria is the sister of Sophie. She is a very flexible person. From the very beginning of the Zwettler's she has always helped us, no matter what kind of work had to be done. Painting, decorating - no problem for her! Most time of the year she lives in Portugal but when she's in Salzburg, we can always count on her!