Our Beer

The history of our beer

The history of our beer is about 1200 years old when the former imperator Charlemagne unites the peoples and countries of Europe from the Atlantic to the Elbe and from the North Sea to Italy. 

There are many fairy tales about him - and there is one that has it's origin in Salzburg. The fairy tale of Karl and our mountain "Untersberg". It says that Karl never died, he is sleeping in the inner of the mountain while the raven fly around. He is sitting on a marble table and his beard is growing around the table. Sometimes he wakes up and sends out a messenger to check if the raven are still flying. The messenger always get's back with the answer that they still do. If they are gone or if Karl's beard would grow around the table triply he would wake up and leave the mountain.

The founder of our beer had his start on the "Untersberg" in the year 2000. His name was Karl and together with his wife he run a traditional hut which was very well frequented. Some day Karl decided to create his own beer and when it got to the decision of the name it certainly had to be "Kaiser Karl Beer". 

We from the Zwettler's are very happy to serve that beer to our guests and we are glad to be part of the long tradition of that beer! 

Enjoy it

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